Coming up with secure passwords

One of the things I always have a hard time doing is coming up with secure passwords. I developed this process to help me both create secure passwords and remember them. Here are some of the things I do:

  1. Pick the basis of your password
    • Pick a unique word that has meaning to you
    • Pick a phrase that you like and use a combination of either the first 2, last 2, first & last, or any other combination of 2 or more letters from each word in the phrase
  2. Replace certain vowels consistently with a number
    • For example, the letter “a” will always be 1. 
  3. If symbols are allowed, replace certain letters with symbols that look “close” so you can remember them
    • For example, use } for the letter “j”
  4. If case is considered pick a pattern to capitalize certain letters
    • If a phrase was used, capitalize ever “start” of a new word in that phrase
    • If a word was used, pick a point such as always after a symbol or every 3rd letter, to capitalize

By coding your password in this manner, you can still write down the basis of your password somewhere for you to remember and still maintain security with the actual password.  Because the rest of the coding is unique to you, it will be difficult to duplicate.

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