Love at First Page

You’ve heard of “love at first sight”, right?

Well this is what I call “Love at First Page”.

Majority of your potential clients will make assumptions about your business within the first few seconds of viewing your website.  Those assumptions shape how they do business or if they will do business with you.

Poor first impressions

What does your first page say about your company?

Spend time to make that first impression of your business and your website as clean and clear as possible can make a huge difference when trying to attract business.

So what make a good first impression?  Well let’s take a look at a few examples of what does work.

I’m a strong believer of practice what you preach or STFU {if you don’t know what that acronym means, please send me a private message… there are little ones here}.

{If you’d like to have your front page evaluated for FREE, drop me an email at or use our contact form.  I’d be happy to evaluate your front page and add it to the list above.}

How do I evaluate my own site?

Hoping some of these sites give you ideas on how you can make a really killer first page for your website that will attract new clients.

So how do you evaluate your own website?

In business, we’re often told to make sure we have an “elevator pitch”.  For those unfamiliar with the term, the scenario is if you ran into someone influential in an elevator, could you within 30-seconds tell them what you do and entice them to learn more about you?

If you can, then you have a clear understanding of what your business is about.  The same litmus test can be used on your website.

Step 1: Open up your website on your computer.  Now, close your eyes to clear your mind and start thinking like a new visitor.

Step 2: Start your stop watch to countdown 30 seconds (or use one of those handy apps on your smartphone).

Step 3:  Open your eyes and within the 30 seconds and first page, identify:

  • What is your business about?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What value can you bring?
  • What is unique about you and your business?
  • How can someone connect with you for further information?

If you’re still uncertain, ask a trusted friend or existing client who is willing to be honest with you to do the test as well.

5 thoughts on “Love at First Page

    1. CreeksideCS

      Glad you enjoyed the image =).  I had a lot of fun creating it.  All those other what you see/what they see posters on FB really inspired me.

  1. Deborah Dera

    Valid points. I have definitely not done business with others writers, SEO companies, etc. because of the way their sites look. Some don’t even have all of the text filled in. The more professional the face you present, the better your odds of doing business.

  2. writerlisamason

    lol I love that image! Says it all perfectly. 🙂 Great post with wonderful tips that everyone with a website or blog can learn from. 

  3. Gps4moms

    What a fun infograph . . . and it is so true.  It makes a huge difference to me in who and what I work with when I visit their page and find an outdated design or mistakes right off the page.   


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