Split your WordPress Post into Several Pages

In today’s fast pace “twitter” world, everything is about giving good content fast and quickly consumable.  But if you read a recent article from Huffington Post (Why Content Goes Viral: What Analyzing 100 Million Articles Taught Us), they actually cite that longer content attracts more shares and more likely to go viral.

So how do you resolve the two conflicting views?  One way might be to use a built-in WordPress function that will allow you to “split” your article over a number of pages while keeping it all together as a single post.

Neat, huh?  And super easy to do.

First, you need to be in the Text view of the content editor.  If you haven’t done it before, it’s up in the upper right-hand corner.

visual_textIf you’ve never been in this section before you may get shocked by all the code you see.

Don’t Panic!

You won’t have to stay in this mode for very long.  We only need to be in here for a second to insert a code which will allow you to do what WordPress calls “Page Breaks”.

Now, type in on its own line the following code:


If you can find it, it’s ideal to place this in the spot where you want to end a page and start a new one.  But if you can’t find it in all that code, don’t worry.  Simply type it in anywhere on it’s own line.

Then, click back to the Visual view to get back to a less codey view of the world.  Where you entered that piece of code you should see now a gray line with the words “Page Break” in it.

page_breakNow from here, if you hover over the “Page Break” you will see a box appears around that line.  You can drag that box to any spot you’d like.  You can also do a copy and paste at this point to make additional page breaks (so you don’t have to go back into the Text view to see things).

Finally, I would put some note before the “Page Break” like in my example above to encourage people to click on the next page and keep reading.

That’s it!  You’ve now split a long article into multiple pages thus satisfying both the short blurb world and the need for longer content.  Make sure you have really strong content in the first page that compels your read to move to the next pages to keep reading and you’re set.


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