Walk away from the keyboard

While you’re working at your computer, do you ever get so frustrated at something you just want to throw your computer out the window?  Do you ever feel like you’re completely stuck and you can’t move any further?  Do you feel like your mind is in a total haze or fog and nothing will come to you?

Well don’t beat yourself up. As a small business owner, you have a lot of responsibility on your shoulders and a lot you have to take care of and manage.

What you’re feeling is totally natural and there’s actually a perfectly logical reason this is happening to you.  And there is a way to cure yourself of this roadblock – take a moment and literally walk away from what you’re doing.

The act of walking or doing anything physical can actually help you in resolving your issues.  And there’s good science behind it.

In my “other life”, I’m a trained Tai Chi instructor.  One of the things we teach is the connection between the mind, body and spirit.  You need to have all three in alignment to live harmoniously.  When one is in an imbalance, it impacts to the other two.  Likewise, if you stimulate one of the three, you end up benefiting the other two as well.

In our sedimentary lives, we spend most of our time sitting.  Thus, our body is motionless and stagnated, without the ability to move forward.  This in turn impacts our mind and makes it harder and harder to think clearly.

By the physical act of “walking away” we are pushing our body into motion and thus pushing our mind and spirit into motion as well.  The three work hand in hand and you’ll find that with movement thoughts and ideas start coming more freely.

And I don’t mean simply flip to another application or program.  You need to get physical here and do the motion.  Stand up.  Take a step.  Take more steps.  It’s the motion, the act of doing something that triggers the body once more and thus the mind and spirit.

Then how does meditation work to help with ideas?  Isn’t that contrary to what you’re saying here?

People often turn to meditation to help clear their minds and develop new ideas.  Most people that practice meditation though do so in stillness.  On the surface, one would think the lack of motion of the body would lead to a lack of motion around the other two areas.

But what most people don’t appreciate about meditation is that you aren’t actually doing nothing.  You are focusing your energy and attention to your body and in turn how all the inner parts are constantly working.  You are honouring the continual movement your body does to keep you going and paying attention to the body as a whole.  Your mind and spirit then can appreciate these movements.  In contrast, when you’re sitting at the computer, your focus is on the computer (an inanimate object) and your body is forgotten about and thus stagnant to your mind and spirit.

So next time you feel like you’re so frustrated you can’t seem to get your business or website moving (or anything in life for that matter), stand up and walk away.  Get up and do something physical and get your mind-body-spirit all working again.  Then come back to what you were doing and try again.  You may find that it does the trick to pushing you through your problems.

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