About Us

Running a business takes passion and dedication.  Often it feels like a lonely road with endless piles of work and long hours.  But the rewards can be well worth it and often aren’t just monetary.  But boy is earning money nice!

I know where you’re coming from and share many of your concerns and worries. I started this business after two life altering events, my father’s stroke and the birth of my youngest daughter.  It made me realize that you CAN have the best of both world!

Is living the dream really possible?

Yes.  I enjoy today the ability to both spend time with my family that needs me and work around an extremely hectic schedule.  On top of that, I get to do something I’m truly passionate about.  I’m talking beyond the whole techie thing.  I get to help people reach their dreams and make their lives simpler!

How do you make business easier?

If you’re like most business owners I work with, you schedules are hectic and often complex “techie things” are the last items on a long laundry list of tasks you have to do to keep your business running.  At the same time, you don’t want to give up that control to just anyone.

What does a partner do for your business?

More than just some technical guru you hire, I’m your partner in this adventure.  What does that mean?

  • Technical guru :: Really smart person who can whiz together a bunch of code to make magic happen.
  • Technical guru that is your partner :: All the above PLUS
    • I try to understand your unique business and value position within your market
    • Give you advise as to what the best solutions are for you, even if that means I don’t get to do that cool techie thing
    • Get the right resources and industry experts together to help you excel
    • Work to empower YOU to have confidence and control over your business’s online presence and marketing

It means that if you’re struggling to get your business to work, then so am I until I solve the problem and get you on the right track!

Sound good and you’re ready to get started?

Let’s connect and see how we partner to make your business a success.  Simply fill in the form below, email me at caroline@creeksidecs.com or call me directly at 289-260-8824.

What are you waiting for?  Opportunity is in your pocket if you’re willing to take a look inside!

Let’s get started!